As a photographer, I actually aspire to do much more than to take your photo.  I want to capture who you are and the way you interact with your favourite people – and that involves more than just taking your photo.  I work with you to really understand who you are, what you love and what your story is.

Telling your story beautifully does involve your trust though.  Trust me and the process. Have an open mind and heart and go with the flow.  The day may not go to how we planned it, and that’s OK!

And trust yourself and your family – let your kids be themselves.  PLEASE DON’T get stressed with or at your kids about ‘smiling’ or ‘looking at the camera’ or ‘running around’ or ‘getting dirty’ etc…  Generally, this only makes them more upset, which will then make you more upset….  If you are calm and having fun, then the kids will too.  If you are getting upset, the kids will feel your vibes and get upset as well.  Quite simply, let the kids be kids.  They are having fun and showing off their personality, which is exactly what you want to capture and look back on in 20 years time!   Let go, have fun and show each other the amazing love you all have for each other.