Neat, clean and uncluttered works best.  We don’t need a pristine, un-lived in look – just the opposite, it needs to feel like your home – just not messy, as it can distract from the genuine moments happening.  So whatever you don’t want in your photos, just hide away.

The main spaces I shoot in (depending a lot on the natural light available in your home) are the lounge room, master bedroom, kids rooms and sometime even kitchens.

Bedding shouldn’t be too distracting either – plan colours and lots of textures work beautifully (think snuggly throws, pillows, blankets layered and inviting). If you have an outdoor space and the lighting is right, we might use this also – front verandahs, back decks and the backyard. Again, we will always be at the mercy of the available natural light but it’s good to keep these spaces in mind as you prepare for your upcoming session.

Light – it’s important to note that natural window light is my favourite kind of light and the most flattering. If possible, we will be using spaces with the most natural window light. Rooms that have fluorescent or tungsten lights can often give off weird colour casts, usually green or orange tones, and harsh shadows which is not ideal. During our session, you will see that I prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light where possible.