Newborn Family Photos Brisbane (Courtney, Paoa, Neveah & Aubrie)

It’s really special to me when I’m able to do both the pregnancy shoot and then to follow it up with the newborn family shoot.

It’s also extra special because I did Courtney & Paoa’s wedding photos – so I feel like I’m sharing their important family moments with them, and that truly is a privilege.

I have every ounce of respect for specialised newborn photographers (the ones that JUST do newborns). It is really hard to get babies to go to sleep for the shoots. We are putting them out of their routine, and even though I’m there for 3 hours (for feeds, changes etc…) sometimes the bubs just won’t go to sleep! Luckily, Aubrie went to sleep for 10 mins of my whole time there, so I was able to grab a few sleepy shots…

For the newborn shoots that I do, I aim it to be more focused on the family side of things, rather than just being about the newborn themselves. I like to capture those new moments, as a new family (or with a new addition to your existing family), show the wonder and joy on everyone’s faces and see the love pouring out.

(It sounds a bit sappy, doesn’t it, but it’s true.)