Marie & Darren | Brisbane Pregnancy Photography

Marie and Darren are like sooooo many couples that I have met.  The female wants to document this amazing moment in time.  She is going through hell, feels like a whale and is not sure she will ever do it again.  BUT, it is still an amazing thing to be pregnant, so she wants some really beautiful photos to remember the experience.  The male usually DOESN’T like getting photos, and is doing it because he loves his partner that much.

The great news is that this is sooo lovely!   The not so great news is that it shows when someone doesn’t like getting their photo taken….

So.  That is one of my many jobs, making people feel comfortable, so I can get some natural smiles, some laughs, and maybe (ohhhhh wait for it…. a kiss!  NOT ME!  the two love birds!)

This is exactly how it played out with Marie and Darren.  Darren was just a wee bit uncomfortable.  But I got him loosened up with breaking some sticks that were in the way, then they went for a stroll, lay down on a picnic rug watching the clouds roll by, tramped through the grass (trying not to find any snakes – they are Canadian – so REALLY didn’t want to meet any!)…..  I hope

he enjoyed it and I made the experience not a bad as he thought it was going to be….  hehehe

They LOVE the photos!  So I think I did Ok!