Lifestyle Family Portrait Sessions

Couples, Pregnancy, Newborns & Families

Lifestyle family sessions are about who you are as a family.  They document real and honest emotions and moments.  The quiet moments, the insanely crazy ones, big laughs, cute grins, tender kisses, many tickles, jumps on the bed, being chased all around by mum & dad, or even just simply sitting and reading a book or having a cup of hot chocolate on the couch.

Honest and real moments of you and the ones you love with all your very being - celebrating the beautiful every day moments of your lives.

The Lifestyle Family sessions for couples, pregnancy & families includes an hour or two of photography. I can come into your home and your space that you love and share your lives together, or we can head out to a favourite local spot.

Newborn sessions are done at your home and go for about three hours.

If you LOVE my style of photography and think that I am the one to create some wonderfully emotional images and document your loved ones being their wonderful, beautiful, noisy and laughing selves, then please contact me for more info.

Commercial Photography

Environmental Portraits, Corporate Branding, Industry Documentary Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Event Photography

I specialise in Portrait photography, so my Commercial photography is focused around people.

Environmental Portraits is corporate and industry portraits in your own environment. 

Corporate Branding is for small or large private companies, medical facilites and governement agencies that are starting out, re-branding or simply refreshing their imagery for websites, publications and advertising. 

Industry Documentary images is for the construction & industry sectors who require documentary style images of site tours, sod turning and other event imagery. 

Lifestyle photography focuses more on locations and setting a mood for your product, as well as for cafes, restaurants and paddock to plate providers. 

Event photography is for any event that you would like documented, whether it's a family fun day, art gallery opening, food festival etc...

Please contact me so we can have a chat about your commercial photography needs.


Lifestyle Family Sessions

Couples, Pregnancy, Newborn & Families

  • Up to 1 1/2 hours of photography
  • Outdoor or at home location
  • Planning & advice for your session
  • Online gallery to share with family
  • Up to 400 images on USB - high res print & low res web
  • 10 beautiful 5x7" fine art prints
  • Maximum of 6 people
(Additional People $5 extra per person - up to 10 people)


(An extra $50 for a professional bespoke wooden frame to fit one 5x7" print. More packages with canvases, framed prints & fine art books available. Please contact me for more info)

Mini Family Sessions

Couples, Pregnancy & Families

  • Up to 45 mins of photography
  • Outdoor or at home location within 15kms of Mt Crosby
  • Planning & advice for your session
  • 10 images digital download
  • Maximum of 6 people


(This package is ideal for single parent familes & those on a super tight budget, but who still want to get some amazing photos of their family)

Extended Family Sessions

Generation & Extended Family Groups

  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • Outdoor location
  • Planning & advice for your session
  • Online gallery to share with family
  • 3 USBs with up to 400 high res print & low res web images
  • 20 beautiful 5x7" fine art prints
  • For up to 15 people (additional people $5 each extra)


(Extra USB & print bundles available)

Bump to Bundle Collection

Pregnancy & Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

  • Up to 1 1/2 hours of home or location photography for Pregnancy session
  • Up to 2 hours at home for Newborn session
  • Planning & advice for your session
  • Online gallery to share with family
  • All images on USB - high res print & low res web
  • 20 beautiful 5x7" fine art prints
  • 30 birth announcement cards & envelopes
  • Choice of either - A 16x24" canvas OR A3 framed fine art print


(Optional Extra - Fine Art Book)


I love real moments and emotions.  So that’s what I like to capture – environmental style documentary portraiture – natural, real, honest, quirky and a wee bit mischieveous!

I try to capture the connections and emotions between people and the expressions and mannerisms that are unique to each and every one of us. Images that in years to come, you will look back on and remember that moment in time when your family where at that stage in life.

If you are looking for a studio portrait where everyone is looking at the camera, all neat, tidy, matchy-matchy & saying “cheese”, then I’m probably not the photographer for you.

If however, you want a series of images that embrace all the things you love about your favourite people and favourite places, then lets start our adventure!

The couples, families, pregnancy and newborn sessions are relaxed and natural and capture the love, laughs and everyday moments that make up your family as they are right now.

Your session includes an hour or two of photography.  I can come into your home and your space that your love and share your lives together, or we can head out to a favourite local spot.

Newborn sessions are done at your home and take about three hours.

My documentary photography style is about telling your story.  So the lifestyle family session package includes 50 edited digital photographs on USB, and some gorgeous print products, and covers my time, style and many years of experience.

There are lots of amazingly beautiful photo products the I have available, so if you are wanting a huge canvas or a lovely fine art book telling your story, they are available in other packages or as an addition to your selected package.  There are also heaps of other products, so please contact me for a full pricelist and more info.

I have a mini sessions ideal for single parent families and for those on a super tight budget.  They are of a shorter duration than the lifestyle sessions, have a set number of images and are for locations closer to Mt Crosby.  Please contact me for more info.

Extended family sessions are also available for generational or large family groups.   It includes up to 12 people.  It’s fine if you have more than 12, there will simply be a small additional per person fee.  The package includes 3 USBs for 3 family groups and some prints.  Please contact me for more info.

I have a bump to bundle collection, which is both the pregnancy and newborn sessions, with some prints and other print products included in the package.  Please contact me for availability and more info.

The best time is now. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to document your little (or big) ones as they are now. They won’t be little for much longer, so let’s capture these memories so you can hold onto them forever.

Life and time goes past so quickly, and our loved ones grow bigger too fast.  The most important thing is life is our loved ones and our memories of them. Capturing those moments in our lives through photography is so wonderful and magical. We are documenting a moment in time, so you can look back in years to come and smile about the memories that the photos create.

And the super special memories are the ones where we are all being ourselves – not posed with fake smiles. This is my style of photography – documentary / environmental portraiture. I like to capture your family interacting and being themselves and I also help guide you and your loved ones through your session, so you all feel more relaxed and comfortable.

When I arrive, I like to have a chat and get an idea of the things you all like.  I get you all to give me a tour, so we can all work out what places will work best and what rooms have the best light.

And basically I try to get you all together as a family, doing something you love.  I’m a bit like a fly on the wall, looking into and documenting your special family moments and how you all interact together.  We will move around, do some fun things, do some quiet things and capture some beautiful images of who you all are.

I like to capture your family interacting and being themselves. I help guide you and your loved ones through your session, so you all feel more relaxed and comfortable.

The super special memories are the everyday normal ones where we are all being ourselves – not posed with fake smiles. This is my style of photography – documentary environmental portraiture.

Something that you feel good in and that represents your style.  If you are self conscious about something, cover it up or wear something flowing – but again, something that is YOU.  Think about the location we are going to and whether you will blend in or stand out.

Avoid busy patterns & overpowering prints / brands.  Coordinating outfits can look lovely. Matchy-matchy outfits don’t look that great though….

One of my favourite places to photograph families is in their home. I come to you, to the place you love and really experience a slice of your family life.

There is nowhere on earth that is more comfortable for you and your munchkins that your own home.  They have all their favourite toys and games, you can bake, have a cup of tea, jump on the trampoline and the family pets can even be included. In your home, I can really capture you in your environment and show you just how beautiful your everyday is.

Neat, clean and uncluttered works best.  We don’t need a pristine, un-lived in look – just the opposite, it needs to feel like your home – just not messy, as it can distract from the genuine moments happening.  So whatever you don’t want in your photos, just hide away.

The main spaces I shoot in (depending a lot on the natural light available in your home) are the lounge room, master bedroom, kids rooms and sometime even kitchens.

Bedding shouldn’t be too distracting either – plan colours and lots of textures work beautifully (think snuggly throws, pillows, blankets layered and inviting). If you have an outdoor space and the lighting is right, we might use this also – front verandahs, back decks and the backyard. Again, we will always be at the mercy of the available natural light but it’s good to keep these spaces in mind as you prepare for your upcoming session.

Light – it’s important to note that natural window light is my favourite kind of light and the most flattering. If possible, we will be using spaces with the most natural window light. Rooms that have fluorescent or tungsten lights can often give off weird colour casts, usually green or orange tones, and harsh shadows which is not ideal. During our session, you will see that I prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light where possible.

Location – Do you have a favourite park that you love to go to, a spot near the river, a family farm or a bush walking place?  If you don’t have a special place in mind, I can help you figure out the best spot that suits you and what style you love.

Light & Time – If you have decided on an outdoor session, then your session needs to be in the late afternoon.  During the middle of the day, the light is very bright, causing horrible shadows, squinty eyes and just horrible uneven light – very bright to very dark shadows.  So we commence between 3 & 4pm (depending on the time of year) to get the most beautiful light.

As a photographer, I actually aspire to do much more than to take your photo.  I want to capture who you are and the way you interact with your favourite people – and that involves more than just taking your photo.  I work with you to really understand who you are, what you love and what your story is.

Telling your story beautifully does involve your trust though.  Trust me and the process. Have an open mind and heart and go with the flow.  The day may not go to how we planned it, and that’s OK!

And trust yourself and your family – let your kids be themselves.  PLEASE DON’T get stressed with or at your kids about ‘smiling’ or ‘looking at the camera’ or ‘running around’ or ‘getting dirty’ etc…  Generally, this only makes them more upset, which will then make you more upset….  If you are calm and having fun, then the kids will too.  If you are getting upset, the kids will feel your vibes and get upset as well.  Quite simply, let the kids be kids.  They are having fun and showing off their personality, which is exactly what you want to capture and look back on in 20 years time!   Let go, have fun and show each other the amazing love you all have for each other.

Sorry, no. I think it’s super important to have a tangible print product.  Holding a USB just doesn’t have the same impact as holding a fine art print of your cheeky monkeys!  So many people get photos done and don’t get prints of their amazing family.  Looking at a framed print or canvas on your wall means soooooo much more than looking at it on Facebook.

I sure do!  There are heaps of lovely print products available.  I only use high quality Australian made products that last a lifetime, so please ask for more details.

I am a Brisbane and Ipswich based Photographer.  But oh my, yes!  I love to travel!

If you want to do your photos at locations outside of Brisbane & Ipswich it’s not a problem eg. Mt Tamborine, the beach, pine forests etc. A travel fee will apply though to photo shoots that are more than 40kms from Mt Crosby.

If you want me to come to you in Cairns, Melbourne etc, all I ask is that you pay for my travel and accommodation expenses and I’m there!

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