Gen & Marty – Kholo Gardens Maternity Photos Ipswich & Brisbane

I recently did some maternity photos for Genevieve and Marty.

Gen and I go back a bit. Back in my good old Uni days, Gen was my model. I wanted to do fashion photography back then, and we dragged a big red armchair all around the place to do photos.

A couple of years later, Gen introduced me to Marty and we did some engagement photos – yep, with the red armchair – it was very cool!

Then came the wedding photos, over at Moreton Island – we have soooo much fun! All their family and friends are artistic, musicians or into theatre, so there were many jokes, pranks and laughter.

And as life progresses, they now have a bun in the oven, ready to pop!

One of the first questions they asked me was, “Sam…. do you still have the red armchair?”.

So my big strong husband dragged it out from under the house and we took it over to Kholo Gardens to do some photos.

They mainly wanted some casual and natural shots, but Gen also wanted to try some fairy style maternity shots.

Stay tuned for their newborn shots, coming soon!