Hi, I'm Sam.

I'm a mum with two beautiful boys, who make me laugh, cry and want to pull out my hair.  My incredibly talented husband is one of those sorts of people who can do anything they put their minds to.... He is my rock and my soul mate. 

I grew up on the Atherton Tablelands, which I still call home, even though I moved to sunny Bris-Vegas in 1995. I love reading, travel, card games & red wine (not necessarily in that order...). 

I simply love being a Photographer! And I have a fancy piece of paper which says Bachelor of Photography (Commercial) to prove it.  Since graduating in 2005, I have done all sorts of photography - commercial, fashion, weddings, but I've found my true passion, and that's for lifestyle family portraits and commercial photography.

I try my hardest to tell your story and create beautiful, heart warming images that you will love.  I have a huge heart and will do anything I can to help you capture your little or big family, just as they are, so you have some amazing memories to last a lifetime. 

My style is natural and real. I want to capture your lives, loves and story as you are now. Every one of us is unique, so I want to document all the unexpected moments of raw and real emotions.

Whether it's in your own home environment or at a lovely outdoor location, I want to capture all the little intimate moments, the big laughs, the tantrums and tears and the love, hugs and kisses.  Everything - because that's what our family is - all of those things.  A family is not always sunshine and rainbows, they are made up of so many real emotions and moments. 

I really love photographing people, their lives and stories.  I’m capturing true life & love and preserving a moment in time that will last forever. Whether it's big moments or little moments – telling your story is what I do and love.  And yes, I will create beautiful, amazing, tender, funny and heart warming images of you and your loved ones, that I hope you will cry over and love for the rest of your lives.